we often develop tools for our work. some of them we want to share with others to make the world a place with lots of beautiful fonts

this script counts n-grams of a given text file and saves the results in a folder named _results. it allows you to specify the maximum number of letters in a combination.

kerning text generator [coming soon]

script that allows you to check letter spacing on real words, but taking into account the kern classes in the font.

anchor testing and adjustment [coming soon]

script for checking and correcting the position of anchors in glyphs.

copy stroke attribute across glyphs [coming soon]

there is a way to set or change the stroke weight attribute across a whole bunch of glyphs rather than individually path by path, glyph by glyph.

capture active window to pdf [coming soon]

transform the contents of the window that's currently in focus into a neatly organized pdf file.

test string generator [comiing soon]

automates the creation of a wide variety of test strings, specifically tailored to evaluate the font's visual appeal and readability across different contexts


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